Move Toolbar

Hold the left mouse button down at the left or right edge of the toolbar to drag it to any position you like. The position will be remembered the next time IntelliComplete is launched.

Customize ToolBar Buttons

You can open toolbar customization dialog in the following ways,

Choose ToolBar->Customize ToolBar... from the main menu.
Right click on toolbar and select "Customize ToolBar..." from the popup menu.
Double click on the toolbar.

ToolBar Popup Menu

Right click on the toolbar and you will see a popup menu. The menu items are explained below,

Always On Top: Make toolbar always on top of any other windows
Auto Hide: Make toolbar autohide when mouse moves away and restore when mouse moves back
Dock: Set toolbar in floating mode or dock it at any side of the screen. 
Horizontal/Vertical: Set toolbar in horizontal or vertical orientation. You can't change toolbar orientation when it's docked. 

Using ToolBar Buttons

Hover your mouse pointer over any button on the toolbar and you will see a yellow tool tip. The following explanation of the buttons is titled by their tool tips.

Main Menu

Click this button to activate the main menu.

Set Active Libraries

Click the above link to view more details

Word Library Manager

Click the above link to view more details

Shorthand Library Manager

Click the above link to view more details

Multiple Clipboard Manager

Click the above link to view more details

Appending Copy Mode

There are two modes to work with clipboards. In normal mode, whenever you copy a piece of text, the existing content of the current clipboard is pushed into the history clipboards and the text you've just copied is placed into the current clipboard. In appending mode, the text you've just copied is appended to the end of the existing content of the current clipboard. 

Browse Clipboard URL

Open the URL in clipboard in default browser or windows explorer. The hotkey for this button is CTRL+ALT+B. 

Quick Run

Click the above link to view more details

All Drives

This is a convenient interface to access any files or directories on any drives. You will see a drop list of all drives by clicking this button.

Left-click on any file to open a file with associated program or run it if it's a program itself.
Left-click on any directory or drive to switch into that directory or drive.
Right-click on a drive or directory to open that drive or directory in windows explorer. 

Dial Up/Hang Up

This works only if your computer connects to internet by modem. If your computer is offline, click this button will bring up the dial up dialog for you to start dialing. You can check on the option <Connect Automatically> so that you have no need to click the <Connect> button manually each time. If your computer is online, click this button will try to disconnect the active dial-up connection. If Remote Access Service is not installed on your computer, hang up function will not work. 

IE Favorites

You have here the convenient access to all the favorites web pages defined in IE. 

Alias Definitions

Activate the alias definitions dialog in which you can view and edit all aliases. 

Address Book

Display all the registered address books on your computer. 

Computer Management

Provides quick access to log off, restart, shutdown, lock workstation, standby and hibernate.

Hide Toolbar

Click this button to hide this toolbar. You can also hide/show toolbar by selecting "Toolbar->Show toolbar" from IntelliComplete popup menu. Toolbar can be hidden or shown by hotkey. Check the setting for "Show/Hide ToolBar" in hotkey definition dialog.