Shorthand Library Manager

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Defining shorthands
Shorthand Generation Rule

Select the "Library Management->Shorthand Library Manager..." from the main menu to open the shorthand library manager. You can create and edit shorthand libraries in shorthand library manager.

Interface Components

<Create Library>
Create a new shorthand library
<Open Library>
Open an existing shorthand library
Save the currently opened library
Close the currently opened library
Close shorthand library manager
View help on shorthand library manager
Shorthand list
Listed in the list control in the middle of the dialog are all the shorthand records contained in the library. Each record consists of four columns. <Shorthand> column lists the shorthand of an item. <Full Spelling> column lists the corresponding full text of the shorthand. <Recency> column lists a number which shows how recently the shorthand has been used by the user. The greater the number is, the more recently the shorthand has been used. <Frequency> column lists how many times the shorthand has been used by the user. You can click a column header to sort the records based on that column.
Edit the currently selected shorthand entry in shorthand editor.
Add a new shorthand into the current library.
Delete all the selected records.
<Import Phrase From File...>
Import phrases from a list file. The phrase list file must contain a single phrase in each line. Shorthand will be automatically generated according to the shorthand generation rule.
<Shorthand Generation Rule>
Edit the shorthand generation rule.

Shorthand Auto-generation

A rule can be defined to automatically generate the shorthand for a word or phrase. Click <Shorthand Generation Rule...> button to edit the rule in a dialog. Follow this link to view details on how to define shorthand generation rule. You can auto-generate the shorthand from its full text while manually editing a shorthand entry. When you import phrases from a list file, the rule will be used to generate shorthands for all the imported phrases.

Shorthand Editor

When you edit an existing shorthand entry or add a new entry, the shorthand editor will be activated. You can input the full text and auto-generate the shorthand for it. There is no limit in the length of the full text. It can be multiple line. You can put in a very long passage if you like.