Word Library Manager

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Shorthand Library Manager

Select "Library Management->Word Library Manager..." from the main menu to open the word library manager. Both professional libraries and language libraries are word libraries. Word libraries contain words and phrases. You can view and edit word libraries in the word library manager. To edit shorthand libraries, use shorthand library manager.

Interface Components

<Create Library>
Create a new word library
<Open Library>
Open an existing word library
Save the active library
Close the active library
Close word library manager
View help on word library manager
Word/phrase list
The list in the middle of the dialog shows all the word/phrase records contained in the library. Each record consists of three columns. <Spelling> column shows the spelling of the word/phrase. <Recency> column shows a number indicating how recently the shorthand has been used by the user. The greater the number is, the higher the recency. <Frequency> column shows how many times the word/phrase has been used by the user. You can click a column header to sort the records based on that column.
Select an entry from the word/phrase list, modify the spelling or frequency at the boxes right below. Press <Change> button to update the spelling and frequency.
Fill the spelling and frequency of the new entry in the edit boxes. press <Add> button to insert the entry into the current library.
Delete all the selected entries.