Quick-Delete Words/Phrases

Sometimes IntelliComplete may learn some incorrect or undesirable words (phrases) due to typos or switching between windows. This function enables you to quickly delete those words. Generally there is no need to manually delete an occasionally learnt bad word because it will fade out gradually if it's never used again. It is provided in case you find one or two bad words really annoying. Then just delete it immediately! 

Whenever you see the bad word/phrase prompted, press the quick-delete hotkey, you will see the quick-delete dialog in which all the prompted entries are displayed. You just select the word that you want to delete and press 'delete' button to remove it. You can also type a word yourself in the middle editbox and delete it. You will be prompted for confirmation if the word is in language libraries or professional libraries.

You can also right click the prompt box and select "delete entry" to remove a particular entry. For comprehensive library editing functions, please use the word library manager or shorthand library manager.