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Three kinds of libraries are provided here, language libraries, professional libraries and shorthand libraries. Both language libraries and professional libraries are word libraries which contains words or phrases. The shorthand libraries contain abbreviations and the corresponding full spellings.

To install these libraries, select "Library Management->Open Library Folder" from the main menu to open the libraries folder. Then, extract the library files (*.lib, *.mem, *.slb) from the downloaded zip archive into the corresponding subfolders, i.e., langlib (language library), proflib (professional library) and shlib (shorthand library).

Language Libraries

Professional Libraries

Programming Languages
  • Visual C++
    MFC Class Name, Windows API, C Runtime Library Functions
  • Borland VCL for Delphi and C++ Builder
    Visual Component Library Class Names, Routines.
  • Visual Basic
    Functions, Statements, Objects of Visual Basic 6.0
  • Java
    Java AWT and Swing class names
  • PHP
    PHP functions, reserved keywords, constants and variable names. more than 3000 entries.
  • Perl
    Perl functions, reserved variables.

Shorthand Libraries

  • Email Acronyms
    Email and Internet acronyms. It's in shorthand list format. Create a shorthand library from it.
  • Law
    Provided by HPP Ragg from New Zealand. Contains 8000 phrases on Law.
Medical shorthand lists
Programming Languages
  • Visual C++
    Shorthand definition of many frequently used statements, such for loop, switch case, #ifdef _DEBUG, etc.


Copyright Notice

Some of the libraries provided here have their respective copyright owners. FlashPeak does not guarantee the integrity or correctness of these libraries. Download and use them at your own discretion. If you find some wrong or missing words, let us know and we'll be glad to correct them. If you'd like to share some word, phrase or shorthand libraries to other IntelliComplete users, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you think any of these libraries infringes your copyright, please contact us for removal.


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