Options--Prompt Style

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Using prompt box

Select "options..." from the main menu to open the options dialog, go to "Style" tab and you will see this option page. 

In this option page you can configure the style of the prompt box. Any changes made in this dialog will be immediately applied before you close the dialog. You can conveniently test the new style in the provided edit box on the right after you make some changes.

Change Color

You can select the pre-defined color schemes from the drop down list. To custom color, select an element from the list box and click the button <Change Color> to change the color of that element. The elements include Normal Text, Normal Background, Selected Text, Selected Background.

Change Font

Click <Change Font> button to change the font of the prompted text.

Show Small Buttons

Toggle the visibility of the small buttons on the prompt box. 

Show Entry Index

This option will display the index at the left of each prompted entry. The entry index can be 0~9 and a~z. You can always use <Move-Down Key>+Entry Index for quick selection no matter whether the entry index is visible. 

Prompt Position

This option determines where to locate the prompt box. The <Manually Specified> option will locate the prompt box at a fixed position. You can drag the prompt box with mouse to any new position. The new position will be remembered. The <Following Caret> option will always locate the prompt box near the caret. This option only works when the prompt box is not docked at one side of the screen. When the prompt box is docked, it will not move or auto size.