Delay between simulated keystrokes

Set the delay between the simulated keystrokes generated by IntelliComplete. The default value is 0. Set a proper value for slow computers to allow the active application to process the keystrokes. If you find some characters from the generated text are missing or in wrong case, you may need a longer delay. 

String to automatically append when completing word

Any string typed here will be automatically appended to each word that IntelliComplete auto-completes for you. A good example is to automatically append a space after each auto-completed word. If you don't want to append anything, make sure this edit box is blank and contains not even spaces.

Symbol to mark as shorthand

If you add this special symbol at the head of the prefix, IntelliComplete will only retrieve matching shorthands regardless of the default prompt mode. The symbol is '$' by default. Another good suggestion is '\'. 

MS Word Specials

The following group of options only applies to Microsoft Word.

Caret Position Detection in MS Word 2000 or Above

The caret in MS Word is a private resource which can't be detected by standard methods like in other applications.  If you turn on this option, COM technique will be used to detect the caret position in MS Word 2000 and above. It will increase the delay for the prompt to come up. When this option is off, the prompt will be displayed at a fixed position. But you can relocate the prompt box with mouse.

Exact Prefix Detection

When this option is on, IntelliComplete will use COM technique to detect the exact prefix even if the user has relocated the caret with mouse. It will increase the delay for the prompt box to come up. Not recommended for slow computers.

Direct Text Insertion

When this option is on, IntelliComplete will directly insert text into MS Word as a whole block instead of simulating a stream of keystrokes.