Prompt Priority 

This option determines how IntelliComplete will select the best-matched word according to a given prefix. <Most Recently Used> will prompt words with the latest reference time. <Most Frequently Used> will prompt words with the largest reference count. <Mixed mode> combines the previous two criteria with a configurable ratio of frequency over recency. If you set the ratio to be 0, it’s the same as <Most recently used>. If you have trouble getting some recently used words, adjust this value a little lower. 

Default Prompt Mode

This option determines whether IntelliComplete will prompt words/phrases or shorthands when both matching words/phrase and shorthands are found for a given prefix. When no entries are found in the default prompt mode, IntelliComplete will retrieve entries in the other prompt mode. This option is only effective when you've enabled both of these two options: <Prompt Word/Phrase> and <Prompt Shorthand>.

Prompt Word/Phrase

When this option is enabled, IntelliComplete will prompt you words and phrases that match the prefix you've entered. You can disable this option if you only use shorthands.

Prompt Shorthand

When this option is enabled, IntelliComplete will prompt you shorthands with matching prefix. 

Number of entries prompted per page 

The number of words displayed in a single prompt page. The recommended value is 4. If this number is set too large, it'll take quite a time for IntelliComplete to retrieve and return the first page of words. 

The total number of entries to retrieve

Maximum number of words that IntelliComplete will retrieve in background for you. For example, if you set the number of entries per page as 4 and set the total number of entries as 12 , you'll get 3 pages in maximum. 

Only prompt phrases that have been used for at least ... times

Any phrase must be used at least twice for IntelliComplete to recognize as a phrase, i.e., to tell it from other random word combination. 2 or 3 are recommended for this value. Setting this number to 2 will enable the phrases to be prompted as soon as it's learnt. But it also prompts a small amount of useless phrases that are produced by typos. Set it to 3 will make the phrases prompted more useful and exact. 

Only prompt words/phrases containing at least ... characters

Only prompt words or phrases containing at least the specified number of characters. 

Only prompt for prefixes containing at least ... characters

IntelliComplete starts to prompt when the length of the prefix is equal to or greater than the value set . Default value is 1. That is, IntelliComplete starts to prompt when the prefix has at least one character. Short prefixes will result in a large number of matched entries and long retrieving time. Increase this value for slow computers.

Only prompt for prefixes containing no more than ... words

You should set this option to a reasonable value according to your computer speed. Use small value for slow computers. The default value is 3. In this case, if you have typed [I'll do it as soon as], IntelliComplete will retrieve matching entries for the prefixes 'as', 'soon as' and 'as soon as'. It won't look further behind. 

No prompt when typing characters other than alphabet, digit and underscore

This option is on by default. That means IntelliComplete prompts word to you only when the last character you enter is an non-delimiter character. For example, IntelliComplete will prompt the phrase "God Bless You" only when you are typing the alphabets 'G', 'o', 'd', 'B', etc. Turning it off will enable IntelliComplete to prompt words even when you are typing delimiters. In that case, the phrase will also be prompted even when you are typing the spaces which delimit "God", "Bless" and "You".  

Don't prompt for prefix containing only numbers and spaces

This option is in cooperation with the option <selecting with digits>. If you have the option <select by digits> on, you are suggested to turn on this option to have IntelliComplete not to prompt any words when you are entering numbers

Prompt All-Cap words when prefix is a single capitalized letter

If this option is off, IntelliComplete will prompt capitalized words (e.g., 'English', 'Software') when you've input a single letter in upper case. It will prompt all-cap words (e.g., 'ENGLISH', 'SOFTWARE') when the prefix contains two or more letters in upper case. For example, you'll get 'English' for prefix 'E' and get 'ENGLISH' for prefix 'EN' or 'ENG'. If you turn on this option, you will get 'ENGLISH' for prefix 'E'. If you still want to get 'English', type 'En' or 'Eng'.