Importing words and phrases from text documents

IntelliComplete is able to learn new words and phrases from one or more plain-text documents. The imported words and phrases will be stored in the specified target library.

Import Single File

Import words and phrases from a single document. You need to specify the file path.

Import Multiple Documents

Import multiple documents under the same directory. You need to specify the starting directory and matching pattern (wild cards). You can specify more than one wild cards by separating them with semicolons, e.g., *.cpp;*.h;*.c. When you turn on the option "Include Sub Directories", IntelliComplete will search for files recursively into the sub-directories.

Target Library

The imported words and phrases will be added into the specified target library.

Auto-Learn Options

Set options about auto-learning. It's actually the <Learn> page of the options dialog.

Set Active Libraries

If words or phrases found in the text documents already exist in any of the active libraries, they will not be added into the target library. For example, you can activate some basic language library to filter out the general-purpose vocabulary. The resulted target library will only contain words or phrases that are closely related to a particular topic.


Press this button to start importing.


Export the entries from the target library into a word list file. The word list file contains a word-frequency pair in each line.