Gabriel Dubatti

As a maniac programmer I have a systematic way of writing e-mails to my clients: "client name, text, my name, sign". When I was searching for a way to simplify this silly task I found IntelliComplete, and I get this and much more!
Now, I type the two or three first letters of the client name and press the "Control" key to get all this type ready and the cursor positioned in the right place to start typing the message text.

I always loves Visual Studio's "Auto Complete" feature but I asked myself hundreds of times why it doesn't work with keywords like: "Function", "Return", etc. I found IntelliComplete very useful for this task to! At the first time is a
little annoying to have two autocomplete systems working together but in a few minutes you will love it!

I write in Spanish and IntelliComplete works fine in my Latin-American keyboard layout with special keys like "" and accentuated letters in all my text editors (MS Word included). When I have to write in English, I activate the corresponding dictionary and get spell checking in another language for free.

I like to express my gratitude for the "almost instant" user support. I'm very happy with this product. All I have to say is: Give it a try!

Gabriel Dubatti
Bs. As. Argentina