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Evaluation Limit

You are free to evaluate IntelliComplete Pro for 30 days. After 30 days, IntelliComplete will be disabled. If you want to keep IntelliComplete after that, you will have to register.  

Evaluation Period Extension Policy

If you have installed IntelliComplete more than 30 days before, you will not be able to evaluate the newer versions. You are encouraged to contact for up to one month's extension of evaluation period.  

Purchasing IntelliComplete

Selecting this menu will bring up the purchase dialog. Select one of the listed agents and click <Buy Now> button to purchase IntelliComplete securely online. The serial number will be delivered immediately by email upon payment of registration fee. The amount of registration fee is $49.97. You can purchase IntelliComplete online by major credit cards, phone, purchase order or checks from 

Enter Serial Number

Remove expiration notice by entering your name and your serial number. You must use exactly the name with which you place the order. It's case insensitive but don't put any extra spaces or dots. The serial number is included in the order confirmation email.

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