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Extra non-delimiters besides alphabets and digits

In the default case, only numerals, alphabets and underscores are treated as non-delimiters. A word consists of only non-delimiters. You can add other special characters to non-delimiters. For example, you can add '-' to the collection of non-delimiters so that IntelliComplete will treat compound words like 'up-to-date' as a single word. There is no need to add '.' and '@' to treat email addresses and web addresses as single words because IntelliComplete provides built-in support for them.

Word Concatenators

Word Concatenators are used to combine several words into a phrase. A phrase consists of words and word concatenators. For the phrases "God Bless You", space is considered as a word concatenator. For the phrase 'up-to-date', '-' is considered as a word concatenator. The default word concatenators are space, '-' and '&'. You can add single quotation mark into word concatenators to support phrases like <isn't>. In the default configuration, some of the following are phrases and others are not.


as soon as 
not phase
P&G Group
good morning, John
not phrase

Auto Reduce

Turning on this option will enable IntelliComplete to automatically reduce user library by the specified percentage when it contains more than the specified number of words.

Auto-expand shorthand when typing delimiters

If you've typed a shorthand in full, the shorthand will be automatically expanded when you type a delimiter. A delimiter is a character other than alphabets, digits and underscores. If more than one matching shorthands are found, the first one will be expanded. The delimiter will be appended after the expanded full text. If the delimiter is a punctuation, space may be auto-appended based on the auto-spacing options explained below.

Auto-append space when expanding by punctuation

If this option is on, a space will be automatically appended if you are expanding a shorthand by punctuation. The space will not be appended for cases like "123,456" and "3.1415". For example, you type 'asap' and have 'as soon as possible' prompted. Then type a comma and you will get 'as soon as possible,<space> ' 

Use double-space at the end of sentence

If this option is on, double spaces will be automatically appended when you are expanding by period, exclamatory mark or question mark. For example, you type 'asap' and 'as soon as possible' is prompted. Then type a period and you will get 'as soon as possible.<space><space> ' .