Create Shorthand Library From Shorthand List File

This function will create a shorthand library from a shorthand list file. You will be prompted for the delimiter character between the shorthand and full text in each line of the file. The shorthand list file contains a shorthand entry in each line. A shorthand entry consists of a shorthand and its corresponding full text. The shorthand and full text are separated by one or more delimiters. If you want to use space or tab as delimiters, don't fill in anything (not even spaces) in the dialog prompting for delimiters . Please make sure you choose the right delimiter to import the shorthands correctly. 

Some examples are given below,

1. space/tab as delimiters

asap       as soon as possible
aga        as good as
howdy    how are you doing?

2. '=' as delimiters

asap=as soon as possible
aga=as good as
howdy=how are you doing?

Note: Shorthand lists provided on FlashPeak website use space/tab as default delimiters unless noted otherwise.