Creating word library from word list file

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Selecting Active Libraries

Select "Import->import from word list file" from the main menu to create a word library from a word list file. The word list file should contain one word or phrase in each line. It can also contain frequency count for each word/phrase in the same line. The word/phrase spelling and the frequency count should be separated by space or tab. The word list need NOT be sorted beforehand.

Observe the following steps

Choose a word list file.  If the word list file doesn't contain frequency count for each word, select "Spell Only" as the word list file format. If frequency comes before the word spelling, choose "Frequency : Spell". If the word spelling comes before the frequency count, choose "Spell : Frequency". The frequency count is just a decimal number.  
Choose a target library file. The library file should have an extension of ".lib". If it's a general language vocabulary, store it in $InstallDir\langlib. If it's a professional library, store it in $InstallDir\proflib. $InstallDir is the installation directory of IntelliComplete.
You may choose to import the word list into a new library or merge it into an existing library. Choose the right option based on what you want to do.
You may not want too short words to be imported. You can set a minimum length for words to be imported. Words shorter than the minimum length will be discarded.
You may not want rarely used words to be imported if your word list has frequency count for each word. In this case, you can set a minimum frequency count. Words have a lower frequency count than the minimum frequency count will be discarded. If your word list file doesn't have a frequency count, leave the minimum frequency as 1.
Choose "Regular Word/Phrase Only" to filter out some unwanted words and phrases. A regular word or phrase contains only alphabets, non-English alphabets and pre-defined word concatenators. This option is recommended unless you do want to import some peculiar words and phrases, e.g., a word like "abc;=+x".
Press Ok to carry out the importing operation.