Export Words/Shorthands From Libraries

This menu item lets you export words from word libraries and export shorthands from shorthand libraries. The output file will be a plain text file. The output word list contains a <spell:frequency> pair in each line. The output shorthand list contains a <shorthand : full text> pair in each line. The name of the exported text file will be the file name of the library file appended with ".exp.txt".  It's located in the same directory as the library file.

Example output word list:

colt 262
colts 110
columba 57
columbia 437
columbus 296
column 2843
columnar 44
columnist 161
columnists 57
columns 1615

Example output shorthand list:

asap         as soon as possible
for           for (int %1=0;%1<%2;%1++)\cr{\cr}\up\cr
gtg           got to go
ily            i love you
syl            see you later