Embedded Editing

Embedded editing provides extra editing functions to any application running on MS windows. Unlike standalone editors, itís available anytime and anywhere.

Press the hotkey (<F6> by default) to activate the Embedded Editing menu. Most menu items apply to the selected text in the window you are working with. IntelliComplete retrieves the selected text from clipboard by simulating copy keys and replaces the selected text by simulating paste keys. By default, the copy/paste keys are CTRL+C / CTRL+V, which is the standard for Windows Applications. You can configure it to be CTRL+INSERT/SHIFT+INSERT, which is used by some special applications.

Menu Functions

bullet Learn Words From Selected Text
Learn all the words contained in the selected text. The learnt words will be stored into the user library.
bullet Learn Selected Text As A Phrase
Learn the selected text as a single phrase, which will be stored into the user library.
bullet Learn Words From All Text
Learn all the text in the current window. There is no need to select anything beforehand.
bullet Spell Check (Integrated Method)
This method of spell checking only works in standard edit controls and richedit controls. Examples are Notepad and WordPad coming with Windows. When you select this menu item, IntelliComplete will do in-place spell checking in the active window.
bullet Spell Check (Copy & Paste Method)
This method works in almost all kinds of windows and controls as long as they support copy and paste by shortcut keys (CTRL+C / CTRL+V). IntelliComplete will retrieve the text of the active window from clipboard by simulating a copy operation, check the spell of the text in its own dialog and then put back the text into the original window by simulating a paste operation.
bullet Sort
Sort the selected text by line. Additional options are available in the prompted dialog.
bullet Reverse Order
Reverse the order of characters for the selected text
bullet Case Conversion
bullet To Upper Case: Convert the selected text to upper case
bullet To Lower Case: Convert the selected text to lower case
bullet Invert Case: Invert the case of the selected text
bullet Capitalize Words: Convert the beginning character of each word to upper case
bullet Capitalize Lines: Convert the beginning character of each line to upper case
bullet Add Line Header to Text Block
Add specified header symbols to each line contained in the selected text. This is very useful for commenting a block of code in a programming language without block comment symbols. For example, you can add single quotation symbol as the line header to comment Visual Basic code blocks.
bullet Remove Line Header from Text Block
Remove specified header from each line contained in the selected text. The reverse operation of the previous function. Useful to uncomment code blocks.
bullet Add Line Number
Automatically Add line number to each line contained in the selected text. Starting from 1.
bullet Text Statistics
Display statistics like the number of characters, words and lines contained in the selected text. 
bullet Repeat String
Auto-type into the current window a given string for a given number of times. You can add cursor control symbols and delay control symbols in the string.