Change Library Directory

Change the home directory for all the libraries. This is useful when you run IntelliComplete from a network computer. If the network is slow, IntelliComplete will be slow because of reading library files from network. You can copy all the libraries files to a local directory and change the library directory  to that path. The library files you need to copy are listed below,

  1. $INSTDIR\user.lib, user.mem

  2. $INSTDIR\langlib\*.lib, *.mem

  3. $INSTDIR\proflib\*.lib, *.mem

  4. $INSTDIR\shlib\*.slb, *.mem

$INSTDIR represents the installation directory of IntelliComplete. Copy all the above files to a local directory while still preserving the original directory structure. For example, you can copy them to the following destination files,

  1. c:\locallib\user.lib, user.mem

  2. c:\locallib\langlib\*.lib, *.mem

  3. c:\locallib\proflib\*.lib, *.mem

  4. c:\locallib\shlib\*.slb, *.mem

After that, set the library directory to c:\locallib. IntelliComplete will read the library files from the specified local directory. The prompt will come up faster.